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Shotcrete Penetrometer

The Shotcrete Penetrometer is specialised force test kit designed for use in testing to the international industry standard relating to sprayed concrete or poured concrete during the first few hours of development. This instrument meets the requirement principle ...

Slump Cone Test Set

STANDARDS : EN 12350-2 The Slump test method is used for the determination of the consistency and workability of fresh concrete. The  Slump Test Set is supplied either galvanized or paint coated to prevent corrosion.

Slump Test Set , ASTM

STANDARDS : ASTM C143; AASHTO T119 The Slump Test Method is used for the determination of the consistency and workability of fresh concrete. Slump Cone Funnel, made of seemless spun steel, should be ordered separately.

Tell Tale Monitors

 Standard Tell-Tales are precision gauges that consist of two plates which overlap for a part of their length. Thebottom plate is calibrated in milli-metres and the top plate is transparent and marked with a hairline cursor ...

U Shape Box Apparatus

The U Shape Box Apparatus is used to determine the filling and passing ability of self-compacting concrete (SCC). The U box is made of stainless steel consisting of three 12 mm dia. rebars.

Unit Weight Measures

STANDARDS : EN 12350-6; ASTM C29, C138 Unit Weight Measures are used to determine the weight per cubic meter of freshly mixed and compacted concrete. Manufactured from heavy gauge steel complying with the related standard.

Universal Cutting Machines

STANDARDS : EN 12390–3, 12504-1; ASTM C42, D4543 Universal Cutting Machines have been developed to cut and prepare concrete, rock or natural stone cores or other type test specimens. It is available in three different models.

V Funnel

STANDARDS : EN 12350-9 The  V Funnel apparatus is used to evaluate the flow time of freshly mixed self-compacting concrete. The test is not suitable when the maximum size of the aggregate exceeds 22.4 mm.

Vebe Consistometer

STANDARDS : EN 12350-3, ASTM C 1170, C 1176 PRS-A0520E  model consistometer conforms to EN 12350-3 for determining the consistency of fresh concrete by means of the Vebe time. The unit  consists of  a vibrating table, ...

Vibrating Tables

STANDARDS : EN 12390–2 The  fixed amplitude vibrating tables are compact units providing controlled vibro-compaction for cube or cylinder moulds. Vibrating tables consist of vibrating motor, command unit and clamping assembly. For laboratory use  the table ...