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Concrete Flow Table Test Set

STANDARDS : EN 12350-5 The Concrete Flow Table Test Set is used for concrete mixes of high workability and determines flow index as an arithmetic mean of the diameter of the specimen after working on a ...

Concrete Moisture Inspection Kit

Product Code Product Description PRS- BCINSPK Concrete Moisture Inspection Kit STANDARDS : BS 8201, 8203, 5325 and ASTM F2659 & F2170 PRS – BCINSPK Concrete Moisture  Inspection Kit  – A complete kit for the instant and ...

Concrete Pocket Penetrometer

Concrete Pocket Penetrometer  is designed for the determination of setting time of fresh concrete for field and laboratory use. Stainless steel plunger has 32.3 mm² (1/20 in²) area and 0-5 MPa measuring range.

Concrete Resonant Frequency

STANDARDS : BS 1881 , ASTM C803/803M PRS- BCREFEMO Concrete Resonant Frequency (Emodumeter™) measures the resonant frequency of concrete and other materials for determinations of Young’s modulus, modulus of rigidity and Poisson’s ratio. This device is ...