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Concrete Flow Table Test Set

STANDARDS : EN 12350-5 The Concrete Flow Table Test Set is used for concrete mixes of high workability and determines flow index as an arithmetic mean of the diameter of the specimen after working on a ...

Concrete Pocket Penetrometer

Concrete Pocket Penetrometer  is designed for the determination of setting time of fresh concrete for field and laboratory use. Stainless steel plunger has 32.3 mm² (1/20 in²) area and 0-5 MPa measuring range.

Concrete Sieve Test Sets

STANDARDS : EN 12350-11 The Concrete Sieve Test  Set  is used for determining the resistance to sieve segregation   of Self Compacting Concrete. Each sieve is individually serial numbered on metal label, ensuring full traceability. Concrete sieves ...

Cylinder Capping Frame

STANDARDS : TS EN 12390–3, 12390-1, 12504-1; ASTM C31, C192, C617, C39, C42; AASTHO T23, T126 The  Cylinder Capping Frame is used to ensure that the planed end surfaces are perpendicular to the axis of the cylinder ...

Drum Type Concrete Mixer

Drum Type Concrete Mixer  is used for efficient mixing of mortar, concrete, plaster, screed, mosaic, insulation material, feed, seed. It is a powerful and functional concrete with monophasic electric motor and robust design.